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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 24, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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fox 45 early edition. puttinn the bay on a diet. the epa's new plan to cut pollution in the chesapeake bay. homelesssby night. the secret life of one bbltimore writer. an office makeover paid by taxpayers. the final price tag on the costly renovation. good morning. it's friday, september 24th. over a very foggy inner harbor and i'm guessing hat a lot of places in our area look like that. i know i deelt with that coming in to work myself. just be prepared if yyu're -t's friday and because it's friday, you know hat that means. it's your turn to talk with us
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on our facebook pageeabout anything you want. let us know what is on your mind and your rrsponse could air in ú%r feedback segment. ú%st go to to become a fan and join the conversation. meteorologist steve fertig ii here with us. very hot temperatures todaa, we may break the record or tie the rrcord, the record being 95. it will be close. we wwll get into the low 90s. a mild morning with that fog. do be careful this morning s you head out. southeast wind at 5 miles per hour which is helping to con figure the fog you are seeing. and 71 in hagerrtown, mild alllú over. sky hd radar not very eventful other than the ffgginess. we won't be talking abbut the
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rainshowers. we are 2 1/2 or 2.25 inches behind, so eecould use some rain. forecast and the ravens forecast here is lauren cooke. >> reporter: good morning, steve. we are dealing with reduced visibility. if you are traveling on theú northeass corridor of 95, we are dealiig with a car fire at the approach route 43. ú% we take liie look, you wiil notice no problems, no delays at this time. if you're traveling along the southbound lanes you're looking at 4--inute ride from whitemarsh to the beltway, all is clear traveling yoo the throuuh the tunnels. frorfor the mchenry toll, you ae and you are looking at a 9-minute rideewith an average speed of 455mills per hour. that's a look at traffic edge. back to you.
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recent studies show it is as dirty as the toilet, but all of that pollution in chesapeake bay could soon be fluuhed away. todayythe federal envvronmental protection agency is set to release a restoration plan for megan gilliland is live with the latest on what that means for you. good morning, megan. p>> good morning, patrice, if this plan works, it means you can breathe easy for a while without holding your noss. it means cleaner water for the organisms that live in the bay and all of us that eat out of it. last month a few dozen people oysters and other shell fish that came from the bay. studies even showed it to be as ddrty as a toilet. a lot of ppople, even students havv tried their best to ccean it up.3 sediment pollution.d with our bay is in trouble.
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>> reporter: those concerns could be washed away. less than a month ago, six water plan under a strategy ordered by president obaaa. now the epa will submit its plan. by the water staae. for the most this process was smooth sailing. there's a ripple in virginia. officials there are concerned about the coss and the science behhnd the cllan up strategy which will require cut plans by3 farmers and others. megan gilliland. early edition. a man is dead after being shot several timms in east baltimore it happened at north broadway, and eaat oliver street. the victim waa shot several times in the stomach. -hhre he later died. police have no motive or a suspect.3 a driver days after losing control of th in the parkiin lof
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tte mall. thrown from the car.r to be medics pronounced her dead at -he scene. investigators say that woman coold have been involved in a shot of llfting incident at the3 ikea store but she wasn't being pursued by police at the time. -p police are asking people o come forward. police say lamont garrison tried to rape a woman in her apartment on franklin avenne in july and he sexually assaulted another woman in her apartment n monnca place back in june. because he matched the description both victims gave -olice. >> the detectives came down aad interviewed him but did not have enough at the time a week ago to charge him with these. however, dna swabs were taken and they were confirmed by our biology unit and he was3
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confirmeddthat he was the one who committed those crimes. >> police wwnt to know if garrison is guilty of other criies in woodland. ú% is being held at the detention center at wood lawn. his name is marc marquez brú woman near prestonnceeeteey. the man remains in critical condition. brooks brooks ii faciig charges including atteepted first and second-degree murder. defense attorneys forrthe ú%spects of ken harris say that their clients are the victims of bad investigation. they homicide detective spent the daa giving police play by play of how he handled the investigation. the ddfense attorneys say that
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police mishanndr handle!!! mishe investigation. >> there was a surveillance -here.offa young ladyywho was but even thouuh the primary deteetive drove almost all upstate to canada to talk to ssmebody, he neverrfound oot who >> the three suspects are charged with murder in harris' death. he was shot in the new lounge jazz club in 2008. in the summer of 2008 after heed avoid an on coming car. the truck hii a jersey wall before falling 30 feet into the bay elow. now the woman of that was driving the other vehicle has damages. she had a blood alcohol level of
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.03, but prosecutors said that was too low to press charges. house republlcans are making their agenda known innthe event that they take control of congress some novembee. gop lawmmkers revealed their pledge to america thursday.ú it includes steps aimed at beefing up natiinal security, repealiig healthcare legislation and reigning in governmentú spending. unlike the contract with merica that came out in 1994, ideas are coming from the people instead of being given to thee. >> whee republicans weeeein fair shaae of mistakes. i think we demonstrated over the last 20 months how the republicans have heard the american people. p>the pledge also includes help for small businesses, but democrats are calling it hypocrrte al, pointing out 14 14
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small lending bill. >> when it's time to help small ú%sinesses roww we find them ú%oing to out source jobs overseas. lawmakers also addressed the concernn of sooial ú%nservatives, mentioning a comment to tradittonal marriaae ú%d opposition to use taxpayer ú%llars to fund abortion. go to our website at and click on the vote 2010 in the news features section. ú%> a $1.5 million to bring office and retail space to the hold.sswest side mayybe put on the state center project won't %-approves a tax ccitics are already wondering whether the plan is a cost-effectivv one in succ a >> right noo we know we have been a budget deficit situation
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for a coopleeof years and the trendssdon't lookkpositive. of pushing our credit limit to the max on a project riggt now? >> lieutenant goverror anthony saying it will revitalize state government. it's another purple friday as the avens prepare to fiially host their fiist home game of the year, but every game is aa3 hooe game for one dundalk family. ú%el d smith is ive there now where every day is obviously a -urple oneein that household. good morning joel.ú you look pretty relacked. >> reporter: i know, i blend right in. you can't see me here. it's like the head and the microphone. that is about it. ú% are here at this home that is just amazing. i'm going to let you ee more as we go. there's in way i can show you this in oneelife shot. we will show you everything from the curtain and the wall. everything s iitricate and
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perfect. look at ground. we're standing around the 20-yard line in this room. everyyhhnggis perfect and we got %-people aae calling because thy know we are t.vv did it take to make the ravens room? you put all the segments together of what we did. >> repprter: if we are the seccnd level the couuhh how much money? >> it's hard to saa, maabe about 5,000. >> reporter: the a memorabilia is amazing. you got everythhng siined. as you come around, you got the game on from last week, the perfect viewing roomm you have this big t.v. when i say big, ow big is this? >> 65. >> reporrer: when you make a %-that work?a t.v., how does and then i buult the wall around the t.v. and all the shelves wenn in. i have a couple of shelvvs on it that come out so i can dooall of
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my connections on the back off3 it. >> reporter: some of this got, but some of the stuff you made yourself. do you have room for anything else? >> yeaa, we have a couple of maybe hang some shirts, aybe likk a shadow box. %-nook and ranny i'm not seein. weehave a couple of things to show iicluding a rum mothe humms >> i like the wwrd. thaa's the way to watch the game. you can't help but be in the spirit if you're in that rooo. -> rrporter: iim surprised sound system in here. >> book rooms celebrate hedeas. staat of the 15th annuaa ú%ok festiial. the event kicked off and our own it ncludes publishers and wellú
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renownerenowned writers and stes to read. onna city office. >> when i saw the photos i was ú%etty shocked. p> find out exactly where the money came amid claims that baltimore was broke. and patrice, i was pointing out cuuiius george who was in the back. we had celebrrty names such
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kidssare back in school, i don't know howw hey're finding their way back in thaa fog,,but they're back in sshhol. yyu know what that means. weather kid wednesday is back in session. if you would like your kid to be a part of the weether kid
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program, just have a teacher,ú nomination to 2,000 west 41st street, baltimorr, 21211 or go meteorologist steve tig is here with a look at our weather -- steve fertii is here with a look at our weather foggy forecast. p>> as patrice indicated there's plenty of fog out there. so be careful. we will hear from lauren cooke in a minuue about the roadway which may be affected by the fog. pretty mild as we starr out this morning showiig plenty oo clouds..3 there's the low level moisture and the fog. winds are calm, with 91% relative humidity, ew point is at 69 so the hummdity is with uú once agaii for another day befooe we see improvement in that regard. prettyywarm all over. 68 all over and 71 in hagerstown. ú%kland at 68 degrees and we go3 the warm air once again coming up ffom the south and west tooay
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and that will brrng temperature3 near record high emperaturrs of 95 degrees would be the record, but we willlthink about -- well, we will see if we can get that close. -e will be a few degreessbelow that.3 there's that chaage. then we see aachange coming our way. a cold front comes through -ithout a lot of moisttre associited with it. don't expect rain from ii. cooler and west, in the mid-80s. still well above the average. by sunday it cools down a llttle bit more iito he low 70s. very comfortablee though, to finish out the workweekk we got a tropicaa storm in the caribbean. that ii tropical storm matthew are which poses a threat to 53--mile-an-hour winds gusting to 63. it will move into natural ameriia and mexico as it moves further points nnrth and brings moisture into the gulf. some of that mmisture may stream up our way and contribute toú shower chaaces that ww havv for next week which are monday through wednesday.
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for today. by the way, llsa, rememmer that tropical storm, tropical depression is well out in the atlannic. 10 to 15-mile-an-hour iid will make it breezy whhcc we will appreciate for the temperatures. sunny skies, we will see if weú get to the record of 95. %-temperature here, probably the warmest. 94 degreessand a 10-15-mile-an-hour wind. tonight 69 ddgrees, another warm night. breezy at times with southwest. m and t stadium or the home opener between the ravens and the browns, expeet a nnce, partly cloudy skies and ú% degrees. --10-mile-aa-hour winds out of the west. monday. 79 on tuesday with some late33 showers on monday into tuesdaa,
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thurrday, 78 and 79 for the midweek as weel. let's see what is happening on the roadways. here is lauren cooke with the foggy looking traffic edge. lauren? stevv.orter: thann you, we are dealing with a llt of fog this morning. you want to be aware of reeuced visibility as you head ut this morninn. yyu are traveling on 95 at whitemarsh. watch out for aacar fire as you3 apppoach on route 43.3 as you take a look at the beltway, no problems to report, causing the northbound and southbound lanes just fineet usiig the beltwwy, here issa live look at harford road. where you will see it's goinggto be very, very foggy..3 ú% extra careful as you headdout this morningg no roblems to report on the west sidee where you are look at an 11--inute ride. and if you're traveling on thhú harrisburg expressway, nothing to get in your way on warren
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-oad. nothing here, it's going to be very, very foggy. be very carefuu aa yoo heaa out thhs morning. no problems to report on 83 otthr than all of that fog. that's the raffic edge report,3 patrice, back to you. thank you, lauren.ú -p still ahead, more people filing for unemployment. the surprise jump in jobless claims. i was -- when i aw the photossi was pretty shocked. >> and a city office gees to do even more.
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first on fox, there's outtage over a city oofice witt a $28,000 face-lift. taapayers footed the bill last year, but onlyynow are we learning details of the pricey renovatton. it raises new questions bout a citt that has long complaiied it's broke. >> reporter: for a city in crisis. >> the desk is really nice. >> reporter: this is $28,000 >> they got a nice shower, look at the t.v. whose office is this? >> reporter: the office belongs to the city, ut it lookk like no other city office. when david scott became ddrector of the city's public works department two yearssago, plans to renovate his 400 square foot office got underway. while the city was shopping for a costume glass desk and a wall
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of glass stone, tte mayor wws preaching hard timm. recycling. >> reporter: the city may have cut services but there no when it was over the city had -aid more than $12,000 for he furb tush. furniture. almost 1,000 for the zebra stripeedrug and th the stone for taxpaaers this was a $28,000 office. >> bobbs is the president for the union firefighters. >> when i hink of alllthe money ttat was spent on this, i think ú%sinks that aren't working ande >> when i saw the photts was pretty shocked. >> reporter: the renovations dixon's administration but few people seemed to question the
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$28,000 expense. >> the fact that no one saidú %-and no one reported it. of moy says that is used to this. >> they take care of their position where he was at oo id heecare about thh people..3 >> reporter: a year after his office was remodel, direct or3 %-now the offiie has changed.ed. that costtme desk has moved n. ú%d so is the zebra rug is gonee the new director has moved in new furniture but this furniture is owned by the city. government builtable. iaccountable.if you see go more hit toward the labor
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market. bristol meyer cutting 850 joos.3 ú%ey are planning handinn out pink liis ovvr the next 15 ú%employment cheekss thh dowwdroppinn almost 77 poinns. the nasdaq and s&p also losing ground.3 meantime sales of preowned homes rising. they compare to last august %-were a lot higher.tgage rates trouble for a controversial3 diabetes mmdicine. the food and drug administration restrictinn use of a vandia hhre in america which treats type 2 diaaetes. it might increase risks of heart attacks. thattis business, i'm adam shapiro. comingguppa howard county teenager huut in a terrorist bombing. hoo her family is planning to
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raise money for her meeicalú -osts. it's been eating garage for years, now the chesapeake bay could ggt a pollution diet. thh plln that is expected to be released oday that could change the bayyas we knowwit. >> reporter: you think you're a ravens fan? check out this fan zzne. i'm joel good idea. you know because then they can run around and they're at your house. yea, i know. well... did you see that? my mom just took a bite of my kraft macaroni and cheese.
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just wait she'll do it again. i mean who am i because i'm not saying that i did it perfectly either, but, i don't know. mhmm. honey, eat. the crime wave continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] gooey creamy delicious kraft macaroni and cheese. ♪ you know you love it.


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